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Has Your Teen Stopped Reading? 4 Reasons To Introduce Them To Mystery Books

If your teen doesn't like to read, they're not alone. A lot of teens lose interest in books. If that's happened to your teen, it's time to introduce them to mystery books. Teens need stories that hold their attention. Unfortunately, some teen genre's aren't able to do that. As a result, teens get bored, and stop reading. If that's happened to your teen, young adult mystery book series can help. One of the great things about mystery stories is that they get teens involved in the story. If you're not sure that mystery books are right for your teen, read the list provided below. You'll find four reasons to start a collection of mystery books for your teen. 

Practice Problem-Solving Skills

If your teen likes to solve puzzles, mystery stories are a great addition to their reading list. Mystery books go beyond story-telling. Mystery books lay out a mystery that your teen gets to help solve. That means your teen will enjoy a good story, and they'll improve their problem-solving skills. 

Pay Attention to the Details

If you want to get your teen excited about reading, it's time to introduce them to mystery books. Mystery books go beyond the words. Mysteries draw your teen into the story. In fact, when your teen reads mystery stories, they'll pay more attention to what they're reading. That's because they'll need to focus on the details. As they focus on the details, they'll find themselves solving the mysteries before they get to the end of the story. 

Expand Their Vocabulary

If you're looking for ways to expand your teen's vocabulary, add mystery novels to their reading list. You might not realize this, but reading mystery novels can introduce your teen to new words. As your teen encounters these words, they may want to explore their meanings. Adding to your teen's vocabulary will help them in school. But, an expanded vocabulary will also help them later in life. 

Unravel the Plot Twists

If your teen gets bored easily, mystery books are a great solution. Ordinary young adult stories don't always hold attention. That's where mystery books come into the picture. Mystery stories contain plot twists and surprise encounters. Once your teen encounters a plot twist, they'll need to work to unravel the information. This helps hold your teens attention, and keeps them captivated throughout the story. 

Get your teen excited about reading again. Start a mystery book collection for them.