Hello, my name is Leah Nierman.

I have a Mild/Moderate Special Education Teaching Credential with an authorization in Autism and a certification to teach ages 5-22. I also have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential certification to teach Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Additionally, I have a Master’s in Education with a focus in Curriculum and Design from University of San Diego.

Over the last decade, I have worked at nearly every level of the school system. I was a personal aide to children with Down Syndrome and Autism; I gained experience as a Resource Specialist administering assessments and writing IEP (Individualized Education Program) goals; and in the last few years, I taught Second and Third Grade in a general education classroom.

More recently, I have developed a passion for health and wellness, I strongly believe nutrition, health, and wellness function as a direct link to optimizing brain and learning capacity. I am currently working on becoming a certified health coach in order to help advise and assist clients in meeting their wellness goals. As I continue to learn about this fascinating field, I am excited to offer my clients a greater diversity of tools to help improve their learning and overall well-being.

After being diagnosed with Dyslexia in elementary school, I was surrounded by inspirational teachers who gave me insight into my unique learning style. The presence of these knowledgeable and supportive mentors highlighted the importance of not only learning the academic skills but also gaining the confidence to succeed.

By overcoming personal obstacles in school and life, my learning difference has inspired me to help others. Firsthand experience has given me insight into the different academic challenges students face. I am compassionate and empathetic toward those who struggle, sensitive to the vulnerability individuals experience when confronting life’s obstacles.

As a teacher, I have the opportunity and responsibility to empower others and find ways to cultivate their strengths. Throughout the years, I have learned it is essential to take an individualized approach with each child so he/she is able to strive and reach full academic and social potential.

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