We’re here to help!

Parents- As you navigate the unknown at this time, remember you are doing AWESOME. Hang in there and know that we are here to help. We want to offer you our services, activities, and resources to you at this challenging time. Please take the time to read through the FREE online resources offered in this email. 

In addition, Novels & Numbers is offering virtual Skype/Facetime tutoring sessions + weekly packets for this month at a discounted session rate. If you’re interested, please feel free to reach out! We are here to help you in any way we can.

Highlighted Resource of the Day:

Scholastic education company has launched a “Learn at Home” website that has daily courses for students from Pre-Kinder to 6th grade. 

“As more and more teachers, students, and families around the world are affected by the coronavirus, our priority is to support them in the best way we know how — by providing them with rich stories and meaningful projects that will keep kids academically active,” Lauren Tarshis, senior vice president and editor-in-chief of Scholastic Classroom Magazines said.

Activity Ideas:

  1. Write letters or cards and mail them to local nursing homes. The elderly in these homes aren’t allowed visitors at this time. It will make their day! 
  2. Write thank you letters to doctors and medical personnel who are working so hard right now! 
  3. Practice handwriting by writing letters and words in sand, flour, or play-doh!
  4. Build, build, build! Use cardboard, recycled paper, egg cartons and your imagination to create something for a friend.
  5. Try using math while baking a yummy recipe! 

Free Online Resources:


Art for Kids Hub is a great youtube resource where kiddos can choose anything they want to draw and it teaches them step by step (This is a fun resource for the whole family).

STEM Activities to do at home!
Grade Level Art Projects 


Scholastic learn at home: offering a 20 day learning program with activities and resources 

Education.com has incredible resources for EVERY subject, including handwriting, language arts, common core math, and even word puzzles! 

K12reader.com is an AMAZING resource with reading, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. 

Vooks Storybooks read aloud

Storyline Online Stories read aloud by famous people

Read Works leveled passages with comprehension quizzes/activities



Khan Academy has great videos teaching all math skills at all levels, as well as activities and quizzes

Education.com has incredible resources for EVERY subject, including handwriting, language arts, common core math, and even word puzzles! 

K5learning.com is an awesome resource with reading and math worksheets. This is my favorite resource for Preschool and Kindergarten students 

Multiplication.com has timed quizzes and games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 


Mystery Science is a great resource for science videos and experiments/activities

Brain Pop has great videos, quizzes, activities, and games around content areas

Science News for Kids


Wonderopolis is a very cool website where kiddos can engage in inquiry about all sorts of topics and questions

Virtual Field Trips

Museum Virtual Tours

PBS Learning Media is a great resource for literacy, science, social studies, and more!

BreakOut Edu has great challenges that help stretch our brains through fun, engaging “escape room” type activities

Physical Activity:

GoNoodle is a perfect website for a rainy day inside!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

101 Ways to Play Outdoors (See Below)